How to Do Hair Extensions – Tips For Quick and Luxurious Results

Extensions are getting more and more common and are a marvelous way of immediately acquiring that long glorious locks most of us could only aspire to! Many people are in search of how to do hair extensions. Growing your locks to a long length generally will take 4-5 years or longer (depending on your growth rate) at a median of one centimeter per calendar month.

They could afford you about twenty-one inches of thick and luxurious locks in barely a couple of hours that the process takes. Read on to learn how to do hair extensions…

How To Do Hair Extensions – Synthetic Of Natural?

On that point, there are 2 primary types. They may comprise man-made fibers and are called synthetic or they may also be made out of human hair and called human. Human locks are generally preferred due to the fact, they appear and feel a good deal more lifelike than the synthetic form.

Besides, heat can’t be used on the majority of synthetic fiber inducing some bother whenever an individual wants to utilize numerous conveniences. The downside of human hair is that are generally a good deal more big-ticket than the synthetic types.

Nevertheless, there’s no set cost for human extensions due to the fact, that this differs in accordance to the caliber, style as well as length that you need. Those that are raw as well as uncolored normally cost additional due to the fact they’re more long-lasting!


An alteration of a hairstyle is many times enough to make you appear more cosmopolitan, more girlish or merely different. Weaves are a great idea for those who like braids, dreadlocks or merely a more replete mane as well as another appearance. In learning how to do hair extensions, learning about weaves is essential. Weaves are another type of extension and may as well comprise synthetic material or natural. In that respect, there are three main types of weaves:

The Bonded

Bonded Weave. This comprises the least durable type of weave and generally will last one calendar month till it will require replacement. These types of weaves are generally glued to the scalp

The Braided Weave

Braided Weave. These are a two step operation. The natural locks is braided by the center of the scalp and so the weave will be sewn into the actual braids. This kind of hair weave ordinarily endures for around two calendar months.

The Fusion Weave

The Fusion Weave. These are the just about the most durable variety of hair weave, because it lasts as long as three months. This process necessitates waxing the locks weave to your natural locks. In learning how to do hair extensions, you must know about the fusion weave.

Demanding Maintenence

Both extensions and weaves demand appreciable maintenance. The locks need to be cared for with a gentle deference as well as cleansed and moisturized each day with an effective conditioner.

Don’t forget, that although natural acquires the essential oils as well as moisture from the scalp, extensions and weaves do not. Likewise, contingent on the style and process for your weaves, you may likewise have to visit your hairstylist every six weeks or so to restore them due to your natural growth.

Decision Time

Whichever type of you decide on, always confer with your hairstylist for advice, and select the most dependable process. Soon, you’ll know how to do hair extensions. For more information on how to do hair extensions, click on any of the links below…

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