Color Harmony Conceals Roots & Regrowth Instantly (Medium Brown)

Color Harmony Conceals Roots & Regrowth Instantly (Medium Brown)

  • Innovative Mineral Powder Technology: Unique formulation of pigments and reflective particles matches your natural hair color whilst concealing grey roots and regrowth instantly
  • Happiness Is A Great Hair Day: Dramatically extend time between salon visits by prolonging your color
  • Stay Fresh: Root cover up powder does not matt, clump or dull your hair, keeping it looking fresh from shampoo to shampoo. Water resistant meaning you can swim, exercise and sweat without it washing out.
  • No Mess, No Fuss: Root touch up powders velvety texture is mess-free, non-sticky and very simple to apply
  • Blend And Build: Create natural looking roots in a matter of minutes using the dual tipped brush to customise your Color Harmony application

Do you have weeks to wait until your next salon visit, but already seeing the dreaded dark or grey roots making an early appearance? Color Harmony offers a clever root touch up treatment to prolong your color, concealing roots and regrowth.

An innovative formulation of various pigments and reflective particles ensures Color Harmony matches your natural hair color, even covering up dark and blonde regrowth.

Innovative mineral technology bonds pigments to hair without being sticky or oily without dulling. Water resistant, root cover up powder will not matt or clump in your hair, keeping it looking fresh from one shampoo to the next.

Mess free and simple to use, there’s no excuse for a bad hair day ever again!

Using Color Harmony:

The dual tipped brush is designed for easy application, and allows you to customise your application. Start with a small amount of powder and apply close to the scalp and work outwards from root. Build color by increasing the amount of powder if necessary until all grey or regrowth is gone.

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