Dermatologist Recommended Ammonia Free + PPD Free Black Hair Dye for Men : 2 in1 Brown Hair Colour, and Black Hair Colour, by Renaissance Henna

Dermatologist Recommended Ammonia Free + PPD Free Black Hair Dye for Men : 2 in1 Brown Hair Colour, and Black Hair Colour, by Renaissance Henna

  • Renaissance Henna is now recommended by leading dermatologists across the U.K. as an alternative to synthetic chemical hair dyes. It has been used successfully by PPD allergic patients who react to para-phenylenediamine and to other synthetic chemicals commonly used in most over the counter hair dyes.
  • This product is 100% pure herbal hair dye, made only from plants with nothing added (no metallic salts are added to our henna dye).
  • Suitable for hair colouring on all hair types including chemically dyed hair, dreadlocks, caribbean hair, and 100% grey hair ! You can revert to conventional hair dye if you wish.
  • We generally advise that this product is not suitable for use if you have permed or bleached your hair within the last two years; however, we do have a great number of customers who have sucessfully used the product in spite of bleaching within 24 months preceding their first natural brown and black hair dye application.
  • Contains everything you need for a first time application: 100g pure henna powder, 100g pure indigo powder ( this may stretch to more than 1 application on some hair types e.g. short to medium length hair) 2 pairs of gloves, 2 caps, & detailed instructions booklet; simply mix with water. You will get natural brown hair colour and natural black hair colour even on 100% gray hair; this is the herbal route to cover the gray and colour the gray !

PLEASE NOTE: PRODUCT INFORMATION & HOW TO USE INSTRUCTIONS ARE IN ENGLISH ONLY. This natural hair dye kit contains 100g of pure henna and 100g of pure indigo which will probably easily stretch to 2 or 3 mens hair dye applications. Most black hair dye for men contains potentially harmful ingredients such as PPD or ammonia which are increasingly being associated with hair dye allergy. Pure henna and indigo can and does work successfully as a men’s hair dye and will give brown hair colour as well as mens black hair colour. Pure henna will slightly deepen your existing hair colour and add mild reddish undertones. If you are aiming to cover gray hair, or using this on blonde hair to colour gray, the way it works is it will turn your light colour hair shocking red orange.That’s what pure henna does. Pure indigo will then convert the orange to brown, through to black, depending how long you leave it in for. What you end up with is perfectly blended natural hair colour which is unique to you. A detailed instructions booklet accompanies this kit and the packets are foil sealed at source for freshness, purity and punch.

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